We are all about indexing—making the content in books, journals, websites, and databases maximally accessible to readers. We are specialists in information retrieval.

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The American Society for Indexing (ASI) is a national nonprofit organization that promotes excellence in indexing and the increased awareness of the value of well-written and well-designed indexes. It is the only professional organization in the US devoted solely to the advancement of indexing.

The ASI Rocky Mountain Chapter (ASI RM) is an affiliate of the national organization, whose members reside in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. ASI members who reside elsewhere are also welcome to join. Our diverse membership includes experienced and beginning indexers; part-time and full-time indexers; freelance and in-house indexers; editors, technical writers, publishers, and librarians; indexers of books, journals, databases, and web-based materials; and indexers with expertise and experience in a variety of specialty areas.

Our members work with authors, editors, publishers, packagers, technical writers, librarians, database professionals, and other indexers. For your indexing needs, Find an Indexer.


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